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Jason Nemec Design

Sea Girt Holly Improv #3

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This charming little one-of-a-kind handmade sculptural cup is turned and carved from the wood of the holly tree. 

This item is an improv experiment that I used to determine approach for to an edition of 12 pieces with varying carved patterns on the same form. This piece is decorative and not intended for food use. These cups were bleached to remove any residue or staining of the natural white of this hard-to-find wood.

This improv included dipped application of layers of dye and a gloss acrylic finish on the bottom, blended into a satin lacquer on the top.

Care instructions: Avoid prolonged contact with water. Clean with a lightly damp and clean cloth.

3 1/2" diameter, 4" tall, 4 oz weight.

Read more about the story behind this edition here.