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Renee Johnson

Workshop: Shibori Dyeing Techniques with Indigo August 3rd

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Main Street Studio’s resident studio artist and “Chief Dyeing Scientist”, Renee Johnson, will introduce Shibori, an ancient Japanese dyeing technique that creates intricate patterns on fabric typically set against a rich indigo blue color.  There are many ways of folding, stitching and dyeing the fabric that can be used to create simple to very complex patterns. There is a little bit of math, and a lot of experimentation that goes into mastering this craft!  

For this three hour workshop, you will start with learning a “water ripple” folding technique on a 24” bandana. Once you get that cloth soaking in the indigo, you will then get to practice more intricate folding and stitching techniques on a 28” hand towel to create a “wood grain” pattern and several other variations. Renee will have many examples of the types of patterns and other prepared material scraps so you can keep experimenting if time allows!  

When: Saturday, August 3rd   9AM - 12PM

Where: Main Street Studio - 786 Charlton Road, Charlton, NY 12019

Additional Material Fees: $15.00 Paid to instructor at time of event

Throughout the class, you will be dipping your fabric several times into an indigo vat that will dye the fabric blue everywhere except for where your folds and stitches are. If you haven’t had a chance to see the chemical reaction of the indigo dye in action before, it is really quite fascinating.  You will be able to bring home the finished bandana and towel to use in other sewing or mending projects, or display them on their own!

This workshop is perfect for those who love playing with colors and patterns and have some basic sewing skills.